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21+ Fresh And Fabulous Tumblr Posts That Deserves Your Laugh

It’s a bizarre treasure trove of delights and there’s plenty to go around with Tumblr posts. Let those emails wait until later for the best part of the day: Tumblr time. 1. You may be lazy, but you’ll never be “fell asleep and stayed asleep in the rain” lazy Via 2. I drew a frog because i felt like it Via 3. This is what it feels like to be in training at a new job Via 5. Today I …

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30+ Fresh Tumblr Posts You Should Not Miss

A colection of Fresh and Funny Tumblr Posts. Take a little break, relax, read through these Funny Tumblr posts and laugh out loud.. 1. -_- and :/ are irreplaceable emoticons that emojis will never be able to touch Via 3. Three students sent me digimons i can’t trust them with …

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33+ Fresh Tumblr Memes Probably Everyone Will Find Funny

Everything on the Tumblr train! I found some really great posts from Tumblr this week. There’s a little bit of it all. 1. Service dogs training to sit through a movie at a theather Via 2. If you have a crying kid give them a cup of water. You can’t cry and drink at the same time Via 3. Both. Both is good. Via 4. Which high school counselor made this …

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22+ Fresh And Fabulous Tumblr Posts That Deserves Your Laugh

These posts from Tumblr users will make you rethink your very life in order to prepare yourself to be transferred to the depths of your soul. Tumblr Time! 1. This is the dude that hired the clown. 2. No need to wish!!! You can do it right now! Close your eyes and imagine: moth Via 3. Update: The KFC dating simulator is schuduled to be released at the end of September. Via 4. I thought …

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18+ Lovely Tumblr Posts That Will Leave You In Splits

Tumblr Time! I found some really great posts from Tumblr this week. There’s a little bit of it all. 1. Listening to Spotify, soft music playing on high volume Via 2. You’re teleported to 44 BCE Rome in your everyday street clothes. Via 3. This is the face of a true winner Via 4. Can’t hear you i’m busy Via 5. Free soup Via 6. I …

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30+ Fresh Tumblr Pics That’ll Turn Your Day Around

You heard it here first people! Fresh Tumblr Memes, fresh tumblr off the presses for your viewing pleasure! Come get ’em now before they’re all gone – your tired brain will thank you! 1. Kirby eating with polite table manners because he’s a good boy with good etiquette. Via 2. …

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27+ Funny And Fresh Tumblr Memes

There’s nothing really better than some fresh tumblr memes with your morning coffee.   Wake up it’s Tumblr Time! 1. TIL the bible contains a passage where it says it became dark in daytime during the crucifixion of Jesus. Via 2. Duke Energy Fined $102 Million for Polluting Rivers with …

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24+ Tumblr Pics That Are Creating Storm On Pinterest

You hopeless and tired individuals are all right, we’re here to save the day! We have the tumblr memes of your dreams that meet the hopes and wishes of all your comedy. There’s something you’re supposed to discover fun for everyone here. You’ve got our word about it. Warning: This …

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