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Nothing like fresh tumblr memes to lift your spirits! So much goodness — you won’t know where to put it all! Just in case you’re in need of even more goodness, check out last week tumblr memes. Tumblr Time!

1. A Visual history of Richard Nixon getting lazier nixonbots through the ages.

2. #StormingArea51 #FursuitFriday #ClimateStrike #BigDay

3. Today I made a twitter account for a bagel but i got too excited and started favoriting all the tweets…

4. Me, begging, tears in my eyes: Please. Please just cell me what the book is about.

5. I searched up ‘hurdlers without hurdles’ on google and i dont regret it.

6. Sorry but i can you imagine driving by one day and just seeing the f*cking teletubbies out your window. Welcome to AREA 51.

7. Idk why, but for some reason i find photoshopped pictures of poptart boxes with fake ridiculous…

8. Here comes a special boy!

9. Hi Would you like to donate $1 to charity today?

10. Sorry i can’t hear you over the increasingly louder sounds of bubbling milk inside my belly.

11. Someone put a mothman in their window and now there’s a crowd of ppl outside the dorms…


12. In other news today i found out that Eddie Redmayne has a dagree in art history and for his diploma…

13. This is callout post for the TSA agent who was incredibly thoughtful and concerned about me flying…

14. What makes us human? Probably not that.

15. Since people found this overnight, here it is with the lid.

16. If you say hecking or flipping instead of f*cking literally walk your corny ass to prison.

17. Me , escorting this beautiful boy onto blog: Right this way, Mr. Soap.

18. Do you think we get to learn everything when we die or are the colors that exist between colors gonna be shrimp-only knowledge forever.

19. Why do character in movies have such a hard time keeping Als From turning evil oh my god.

20. They have different energy.

21. “Scientist Find That Running like Naruto Actually Faster”

22. I can’t even see this post let alone make it so this will have to wait two years…

23. Cashier: I’m sorry it’s going to be a 5 minute wait for your food.

24. It’s really not a “gen z are funnier than millennials” thing…

25. john-watson-is-sherlocked

26. Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it!

27. TIL after Amelia Earhart’s plane was presumed lost, all sunsequent distress calls were treared as hoaxes.

28. You ever die just to flex on a medical proffessional?

29. Game show where you watch an apology video and try to be the firts to guess what the person did.


31. Me enjoying the last few hours I can laugh at Area 51 memes before…

32. Ah, Perry the Platypus! What an unexpected surprise!

33. Your relationship to rocks is apparently very different than mine.

34. I like the person that read this in bass clef.

35. There is a uh, can of Fanta in Marianas Trench

36. Nooo Don’t Kill The Earth It’s So…

37. Jim Henson first Sketches of Oscar the Grouch


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