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Everything on the Tumblr train! I found some really great posts from Tumblr this week. There’s a little bit of it all.

1. Service dogs training to sit through a movie at a theather

2. If you have a crying kid give them a cup of water. You can’t cry and drink at the same time

3. Both. Both is good.

4. Which high school counselor made this

6. I’m sorry about what happened but where did you get your eyeliner?

7. What do they want this time

8. What’s the vibe with these, boys?

9. Places lobster gently back into the tank, Wrong number

10. It made me laugh at four in the morning, so here, have this.

11. What did it cost?

12. There are guys in my dorm who decided to play cards in the elevator

13. I made my first photoshop thing

14. I could never go to Australia because dingos look like normal dogs and I couldn’t trust myself not to try to pet them

15. Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu has utterly changed my perception of posts like this

16. Me and me

18. Is this the meaning of ascended?

19. I love bears, but their tongues really shouldn’t be that long

20. He mint

21. Ok I’m gonna try and sculpt Donald Duck without looking at it

22. If you ever feel sad just change your system language to Dutch

23. In heinzsight you should have checked what you were wearing

24. The woman I’m planning to marry showed me this pebble that looks like a guitar pick and..

25. When the DM says “I’ll allow it” to your unorthodox idea/request:

26. Gonna go stand in a creek do you guys need anything

28. Me playing any video game:

30. *smacks the side of my boom box to get the cd to stop skipping*

31. How did she get outside?


33. Elmo in the background



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