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A colection of Fresh and Funny Tumblr Posts. Take a little break, relax, read through these Funny Tumblr posts and laugh out loud..

1. -_- and :/ are irreplaceable emoticons that emojis will never be able to touch

3. Three students sent me digimons i can’t trust them with anything I give up

4. Julius Caesar

5. A woman who doesn’t work here anymore brought this weird smurf toy into work a couple of months ago

6. Cleanse me, Mother

7. Now these are the pants for me

8. Google employee leaves to work for bing. His coworkers presented him with this.

9. Everybody’s got spring fever

10. I have been informed that this is called Writing a Book

11. Love is Love

12. I want to be the first person on the moon

13. Mother has given me a blanket it is a most joyous day

14. After a lot of frantic googling I realized this was all a dream.

15. Human brain: Ok what if we eat chips while we do the boring thing

16. That is stacy you uncultured swine

17. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, 10/10 my friend

18. Being the family’s assigned IT person is fun because everyone gets annoyed when you don’t know what to do

20. Translate this meme for me, please.

21. My parents and I just rescued an opossum from our yard

22. Scully, you’re not gonna believe this.

23. Long cat’s owner got married.

25. What are you doing? Get off my floor. I just vaccumed there

26. This statue dog’s nose is worn away from all the people who pet it

27. Please look at this picture of Michelle Obama and Sportacus

28. I was walking around my neighborhood and saw a bunch of police..

29. Whenever I hear people say that classical music is boring I just want to remind them that..

30. Oh, yeah. It’s all coming together.


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