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Hey! It’s that time again. Check out these fresh tumblr memes you realy need in your life right now. These fresh and funny tumblr posts will help you laugh away the day… Tumblr Time!

1. I feel such an incredible sense of peace looking at this.

2. This is maybe the funniest possible outcome fot this question.

3. How freaking confused do you think they were omg.

4. $180,000 Aston Martin killed by $200 pink car.

5. Sleeps on this naked and in the morning you have to pry me off with a spatula.

6. As a kid I never appreciated the comedic genius of my elementary school principal…

7. Wanna know what mental image just crept into my brain.

8. Bellossom forgot how to use acid. Good for you Bellossom.

9. This 5 dollar ceramic frog is literally the best purchase I’ve ever made.

10. What part of this post did you manage to miss.

11. Can you not just say Garfield please.

12. One day I want to take a voide of Yardstick straight-up hurling himself into the void.

13. Apparently I’m not enthusiastic enough about satan for google.

14. Why did you use plastic straws? This feels appropriate.

15. *dual wielding my new wizard staves* One casts poison the other also casts poison.

16. Let the man speak.

17. Y’all wanna see a photo of my shrimp I’m pretty sure I just caught speaking directly to god.

18. You know what? This whole being alive thing kinda slaps. I mean, it’s not an absolute banger or…

19. You tried to match the ranger with a big iron on his hip.

20. Fantasy adventure genre vs survival horror genre.

21. Game of Thrones Actor Gets Stabbed in Bar Fight, Orders Another Drink

22. And then they proceeded to be the worst at their jobs for the next 20 years.

23. Marvel when they heard Tom Holland saying he’s interested in exploring Peter’s sexuality:

24. Me and the lads getting fancy in the bog.

25. And that the second lowest setting is ‘high’.

26. This is the dude that hired the clown.

27. I love how the implication is that the flat tops of mesas were caused by something equally enormous CUTTING THEM DOWN.

28. Today I finally put together a “book” that one my classes wrote together last year and felt it was necessary…


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