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Delivery! At your disposal, fresh tumlr memes! Just take a moment to relax and enjoy all the better woods and girls that this page has to bring! And just in case you have a ruff day and need an extra lift, check out these tumblr memes — that’s just about something that should be fixed. Tumblr Time!

1. Hes fat cause he’s full of love and he is running to give everybody a hug.

2. When the allegra kicks in

3. Well hurry and catch him before he gets to far away.

4. There’s also yellow apples.

5. Ur echo has a crush.

6. Oh my gosh, you look fat in that shirt.

7. Just a wild cat in the bath.

8. Monarchs don’t count as people.

9. I can’t believe ostriches are reverse furries.

10. His this is the most ominous description of a furby i have ever heard.

11. It’s like rock paper scissors:

12. Mood: the mexican dude who told judge…

13. I love how much the internet has latched onto the…

14. My neighbourse are on vacation so I get…


15. Just found out there’s a…

16. A man feeding swans and ducks from a snowy river.


18. Please stop forcing me to look at…

19.”What’s that in your sippy cup?”

20. That was an oracle.

21. Sure when teenage girls write self-insert characters that…

22. #definitely martin freeman

23. Same, actually.

24. People explain their reasons for cheating.

25. List of books to read before you die.

26. Barbie in the newest movie looks like if Elsa from Frozen was in Mass Effect.

27. I will never accept how under appreciated megamind is.

28. When your hair is wavy/curly sometimes there is a fine line between…


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