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Were you bored at work like heck? Will you do anything at all to stop your life’s miserable existence for just a few hours? Don’t worry, we’re with you right tumblr memes. . All you have to do is scroll down through these tumblr memes-but make sure you’re at least trying to work when your boss walks in!

1. The image of this historical moment is haunting me.


3. The host at our Airbnb has the most talkative cat.

4. Why do 70,000 people have as bad of a sense of humor as me.

5. College Roommates Surprised To Find Dorm Room Has One King-Size Bed

6. My wish for all my favorite characters.

7. Rene Descartes: *thinks*

8. If you want your childred to suffer how you suffered pls don’t have any children.

9. Why are girls embarrassed when in a…

10. So i was running a fever the other day and have no memory of writing this.

11. I used to have geese so here’s a tip for everyone.

12. How can ppş say cats don’t have feelings like.

13. Clear orange juice?!

14. I unironically adore weird teenagers who don’t know exactly what the hell is going on yet.

15. Hey guys. This is my new best friend. I’m making a cake.

16. World’s most cynical art student.

17. The most accurate representation of math I’ve seen yet.

18. I wish my whole vocab was as great as this line.

19. This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

20. Never underestimate the powers that cat.

21. I love the implication that moths somehow existed prior to the creation of the universe.

22. Those car pictures with Russian captions.

23. His eyes say ‘bedroom’ but his hands say ‘hospital’.

24. Broke: Barbie’s many different careers are a way to sell dolls and accessories to little kids.

25. Take care of ur knees because you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

26. No way am I gonna have a blog in my 20s lmao.

27. Lucario can hear you being a furry and it gives him depression.


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