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This tumblr memes roundup has everything you might want from a tumblr memes roundup. We’ve had a galore of weirdness and pop culture. And if you don’t get all these memes full, don’t worry-there’s always time to study to become a junkie on the Internet.

1. Timmy Turner was a horrible person.

2. The abbreviation for Alaska is “AK”…

3. me: need to study. brain:hhuuUUhg.

4. Top ten posts that predicted the future.

5. Black Widow, “So remember, you’re deaf and I don’t speak Enhlish”


7. How are you complaining look at it’s faceeee


9. You’re right and you should say it.

10. Cheers, I’ll drink to that bro.

11. Reblog for good luck and happiness

12. So i had dream last night were the new trend on tumblr…

13. Pointing to what I want on my five dollar footlong.

14. *Hades voice* for the last time, I’m the god of the dead not the god of death it’s different.

15. The beans are growing nicely this year.

16. Different birds sitting on traffic cones.

17. Goodbye my ragtime gal.

18. Okay but Vader literally turned off the lights on his chest panel to make…

19. I want to be radioactive but not like lethally or anything.

20. That moment when you download Windows 10 on your Windows 98 computer.

21. Give her one. Give her a cheeto.

22. Get it together, Barack.

23. Shrek is the god of self confidence.

24. Literal children: *make tiktoks, do fortnite dances, generally just having harmless fun…*

25. Yep this pretty much covers how history is taught here.

26. The donut chain created the special…


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