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The best is the original tumblr memes. They are not only funny, they can also be fresh. Here are Tumblr posts to remind you how fortunate it would be without them to have tumblr. Life would be so boring without them, Am i right?

1. A man and a women meet in heaven and fall in love.

2. Bedtime was half an hour ago.

3. Its a ham sandwich.

4. Took my cat to the vet the other day and…

5. Every time I see this I’m not sure if its fandom content or just a summary what being piss drunk with your best friend is like but either way it’s perfect.

6. It’s thirty… foursixer and Slærtcast I guess.

7. Stop right there, smooth criminal scum.

8. A church in Norway built in 1181 without and nails.

9. My mom has these winnie the pooh salt and…

10. I love when professors try to use modern slang to relate to students.

11. One of my favorite…

12. So much tension in one photo.

13. My friend in the UK told me that they only…


15. Wet dog meets semi-wet dog.

16. Strong letter to follow.

17. I’m sorry pics that make you go hmm.

18. The Salem News, Ohio January 13, 1908.

19. Oh you don’t have prime? Sucks to be you.

20. Is this what you’re looking for?

21. me: *sees a smooth/round rock*

22. me: *flips pillow over to the cold side and goes back to sleep*

23. I remember way too many small details about people so i have to…

24. A 2 week old lemming in a spoon.

25. Nightcore: She thinks my tractor’s…


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