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You hopeless and tired individuals are all right, we’re here to save the day! We have the tumblr memes of your dreams that meet the hopes and wishes of all your comedy. There’s something you’re supposed to discover fun for everyone here. You’ve got our word about it. Warning: This tumblr posts are so funny.

1. Look how much hes grown!!! My son.

2. This is why cats occasionally try to bathe and feed us.

3. I think thay says more about you than the picture.

4. Guess what year he was born in pal :’)

5. Why does this seem like something my 6th grade social studies teacher would do?

6. Things to release at a wedding ceremony.

7. Damn how brave was he feeling when he asked you that.

8. #This was funny until i realized i’m going to be one of them

9. Off to a good start. Intimidation is key.

10. Important addition: This character IS a dwarf.

11. Issues i have with the children’s tv show franklin.

12. Yall gotta be the adults you promised not the adults you were scared of.

13. A photographer in Utah started a…

14. This is the funniest thing ever, everyone else go home.


16. Thank you.

17. *Yeehaws safely*

18. Cat when I’m snuggling him: I’have never met you in my life. You fiend. Stop this at once.

19. I’m watching an older season of Hell’s Kitchen and there’s a bit with a guy who…

20. The dream was a prophecy & the future sure looks bright.

21. Slow down I’m still working on the first one.

22. Wouldn’t a ring like this meant to be used to carry a little poison?

23. And then boom. Right when he’s choosing the Dragon Warrior, here lands a panda. Right in front of his finger.

24. Theology Teacher: I have never met a human being who wishes they were not born.


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