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We have fresh tumblr memes ready to be consumed by your bored eyes for all you dummies. Okay, we said fresh tumblr memes. We understand you’re chomping for that comedy patch at the beginning here, and we’re not blaming you. You’re probably really fricking bored because it’s damn boring most of life. That’s the way the universe operates. Anyway, without ado.

1. Peter 2:3 They will exploit you in their greed with deceptive words.

2. Seeing people Stan megacorprations with the original meme so I thought i’d contribute.

3. My aesthetic is the direct opposite of minimalism and its called clutterb*tch.

4. Last night i dreamed that scientist used a really bad picture of me to prove…

5. Coconut husks have been identified as a durable and cheap alternative to wood and…

6. What does this even mean.

7. At least he’s having fun???

8. Honestly “i’ll do whatever you want” “then preish” is the single most powerful exchange…

10. Everyone should (idk wtf she said here). A+ subtitles.

11. The moment my dog (and husband) realized I was in the car beside him.

12. How I, a millennial, filter spam calls: If my phone rings, it’s spam.

13. That is very on-brand for swans.

14. Biden: I replaced all of the book with slow burn fanfictions.

15. Floomph

16. Imagine if tumblr had memories like facebook does.

17. Sometimes when I see anime clothes i just.

18. TIL The etymology of the worlds most recognizable word, “okay/ OK”, comes from a fad in the…

19. He looks like Mexican Sasuke.

20. I said games not priceless heirlooms.

21. The only way to destroy Disney is tricking them into buying tumblr.

22. I thought that was just, a regular tumblr post and accepted it.

23. I read this in a very accusatory tone.

24. …a whole history major and yet this post is the first time I’ve full appreciated…


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