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Once reading these tumblr posts, you will definitely want to send them to your siblings. The sooner the better. 

1. She scream to scare away the clowns terrorising us al…

2. The Avengers and Justice League beat the shit out of me for jaywalking

3. My best friend and I dressed up as Burt and Ernie for Halloween about 8 years ago…

4. I love internet bc it’s given me the ability to put…

5. “Where did you learn to fight like that?”

6. All species of conch look utterly suspicious and vaguely terrified their entire lives…

7. This reply terrifies me more than religion or mortality ever cloud

8. concept: bootleg copies of memes.

9. This spoonful of honey i just had is the best darn honey ive had in my life…

10. Oh you like history? Name everything that ever happened.

11. Homeboy did NOT have to flex that hard in thar 3rd picture.

12. God Are You? Me while i was writing anime’s script.

13. You think that’s big? Check out this stop sign i just grabbed.

14. Do you suffer from any of the following?

15. Some edgy loner character in a TV show:

16. Not every 12 old gets really angry.

17. This sounds like a plot for a goosebumps book about goosebumps books.

18. This made me so angry I have to inflict it on all of you.

19. Don’t know if i agree or not, but it’s definitely an interesting point.

20. I was so very productive in digital art class and made these soda ripoffs, enjoy.

21. My players: Thank you so much for DMing! This campaign seems super cool so far 🙂

22. Most Tumblr jokes are utterly embarassing to say in public but…

23. Woooweee! Tumblr mobile’s new update now puts a tumblr logo at…

24. …But i came in today and found him facing directly forward and no longer smiling.


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