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Memes, tweets and Tumblr posts, all right here folks! Get ’em while they’re hot! We did all the work for you, now all you gotta do is sit back and enjoy! Tumblr Time!!

1. You’re right. We Should all band together under trustworthy and…

2. But those are your demons.

3. Throw your empty tomato cansin the garden to let the tomato plants know you are getting impatient.

4. Great, now I ship actual ships.

5. #karma is real and god always orıtects the good

6. My sister went to a dress uo oarty. Guess which one she is?

7. I still can’t believe this.

8. Aaaa he’s turning a duller color… I hope he’s alright.

9. Power move: saying “that’s treason” every time someone does something that mildly inconveniences you.

10. My eyes are bleeding.

11. I’m playing oblivion and I stole a wheel of cheese from a stroe and then like…

12. I love how the Devil went down to Georgia, which either implies.

13. Apparently, evangelical cartoonist Jack Chick passed away last night.

14. The first time the Incredibles took over a post and I am so happy about it.

15. It was the victorian are, everyone was on crack.

16. Cranky cause you’re a robot huh?

17. While you studied the blade.

18. I thought you were gone.

19. The 2 most important food groups

20. Being in ur 20s really is like *looks in the mirror* so i guess this is…

21. Himalayan marmots come for their regular feed by a caring lady, aww.

22. Called out for being a fake gamer by your own mom? Brutal

23. I put this on twitter saying they were leakied evolutions and i got hate mail.

24. We’ve signed a truce. We’re gonna go get noodles.


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