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Are you tired at job like hell? Would you do absolutely anything for just a few hours to escape the dull truth of your lives? Don’t worry, with you we’re right there. All you have to do is scroll through these fresh tumblr memes-but make sure you at least claim to work when your boss goes by, Tumblr Time!!!

1. Goose smashes through Nottingham taxi window.

2. You eat a KFC sandwich so good that you ascend.

3. Three months til 2020 i can’t believe i’m alive for this.

4. This is the first image on the Wikipedia article for skeletons.

5. Welcome to cat burger home of the cat burger may i take your cat.

6. This is honestly how symbolism works in English.

7. Basically I took a normal shower but whispered fuck yo myself every 5 seconds

8. You’re listening to rock. All the other stations are whimpy little snowflakes for not playing rock like we do.

9. Italy created a statue honoring Iron Man.

10. When i’m learning psychology and i have to learn to dissociate the acronym cbt…

11. Why is there so much spongebob on my dash are y’all 7.

12. Lifehack: Get a pet parrot, teach it to say this and only this.

13. Do you ever wonder if anyone else in the world is listening to the exact same song as you and…

14. The soundtrack for this movie is very poorly chosen.

15. Do you ever start bullshitting a paper, and then look over it halfway through and think…

16. Harry Potter, the boy who dared to ask, “Study all these other spells if I can get…”

17. Me: *Walks into graveyard with several duffle bags*

18. I taste blood for some reason lmao.

19. Grinding mens bones to make their bread.

20. At my school there’s an English teacher and an American teacher and they always glare at each…

21. It’s time to stop.

22. This guy won’t stop photoshopping himself into Kendal Jenner’s photo and it makes them 10 time better.


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